Our Journey



Thank you everyone who has supported and continues to support


We have been established since 2017 and are giving a Free Business Directory. An online space for every type and every size of business here on the Island of Ireland. If your a sole trader making bespoke products or shop or wholesale. it really doesn’t matter what size.


We also understand that not everyone is a computer whizz and can just create a website. Most people don’t have the time, as running a business what ever size is all consuming and we understand that. Business owners understand that in this day and age you need to have some form of online presence. You can sell your product to anywhere in the world. Why would you not?


So we decided to build a Internet business directory that offers space to people where they can advertise there business products and services online without having any technical knowledge…we have designed it that way and if they get stuck email me i will always help.


So no matter what type of business you have ( with the exception of our list of exclusions – see terms and conditions ) you can advertise it here.


If you would like to get started but don’t know where to start email i will be happy to help at no cost. so you have nothing to lose.


So add your free listing and join the hundreds of businesses that have already listed on


We look forward to hearing from you.